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Belong For Me Successfully Launches Research Client

Apr 11, 2022

Today, the Belong For Me team successfully completed our first research client. We decided to collaborate with the confidential client to create and test phase implementation strategies. Over the course of the implementation period, our team successfully built the region’s event catalogue in short order, onboarded new employees, and tested our employee matched capabilities for project team and for mentorship purposes. We were very satisfied with the 86% employee adoption rate.

Our solution also proved itself to be very impactful in all areas of interest. Data collected by the client confirmed a reduction in employee attrition, absenteeism, and sexual assault and harassment risk. The data also suggested an increase in employee performance, productivity, and morale. Launching this research client marked a first test of Belong For Me’s employee matching capabilities, technology, and onboarding processes.

By the end of this learning experience, we were pleased with the results. Our team grew through the process, the impact of our solution was observed, and we effectively managed the client’s budget in providing engaging personalized, small group networking opportunities for their employees.