Our Story

About Us

Belong for Me is a Pittsburgh-based software company that seeks to create a sense of belonging within corporations and reduce employee attrition by offering a personalized approach to employee engagement. We are an employer-purchased software solution that addresses the challenges of building community in the modern workplace. Founded in 2020 by Emily Stewart, Belong For Me is a new and exciting solution for helping corporations maximize the impact of their employee networking.


Our Founder

Emily Stewart, Founder and President of Belong For Me, is an entrepreneur and technologist passionate about improving the way people relate to one another. After graduating from North Carolina State University, where she studied Information Technology and Business Administration, Emily started her professional career at NetApp where she worked in UX/UI Development. After transitioning to the Forensic Technology team at EY, Emily soon became inspired to create Belong For Me after realizing the limitations of Employer Networking in the modern workforce. Through personal experience, she observed networking to be dated and unsafe. 

After reflecting on her uncomfortable networking experiences, Emily began exploring the problems with traditional networking. Researching the history and the current state of networking, she found that the existing literature on the practice aligned with her lived experience. Networking proved itself to be expensive, and to her surprise, unmeasured. Through this research, the concept for Belong For Me was born and Emily began her journey to modernize Employer Networking and inspire healthier, happier employees in workplaces. 

In her free time, Emily loves to attend events. On a typical weekend, you can find her enjoying musicals, learning at art classes, or going on a walk through Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Her latest challenge is to attend a class at every yoga studio in Pittsburgh. She loves trying new restaurants and exploring the city with friends.