Our Team

Meet the Leadership Team

Emily Stewart

Founder, President

Brad Patton

VP of Engineering

Alexis Arnold

VP of Expansion

Kai Roberts

Marketing Manager

Daphne Lee

Creative Director

Meet our Advisors

Pat Stewart

Pat Stewart has founded, scaled, and exited several successful disruptive Software and SaaS companies raising more than $80M in capital to create and grow the businesses. He co-founded Innovu the market leading employer healthcare analytics firm. He has acquired and sold five technology businesses totaling $500M. He has been an executive officer of two Fortune 200 companies over his career.

Mike Magnotta

Mike Magnotta is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and experienced technologist who has spent the past 40+ years founding, growing, scaling, and exiting SaaS-based companies. Mike currently invests and advises in several disruptive SaaS startups including Belong For Me, Corp.

Troy Vetter

Troy Vetter owns Halo Consulting, a leader in the IT Infrastructure and Cloud automation market. Troy has been part of the leadership teams of several high-growth technology companies for the past 25+ years. Troy’s background includes Military Intelligence, Biogenetics, Cloud Automation & Computing, Large- scale IT consulting, and small IT hyper-growth companies.

Bob Bocchino

Bob Bocchino has spent the past 40+ years of his executive leadership career creating and operationalizing marketing and sales organizations targeting the Fortune 500 market. Today, Bob is currently responsible for developing the business solutions training programs underpinning Oracle’s enterprise application and cloud solutions teams.

Robert Eubanks

Robert Eubanks has focused the past 25+ years on the democratization of Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning), the practical application of Artificial Intelligence for the Life Sciences industry, and the future of work (i.e., human and machine collaboration). Robert is currently one of the top AI leaders within Infosys.